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Adult PS2 Add-ons

Trance Vibrator

Trance Vibrator USB

The Trance Vibrator from ASCII is the one and only vibrator available for your video game console. It connects to your PS2EUSB port and is suitable only for Sega's techno shooting title "REZ".

When playing the title the Trance Vibrator will move in accordance with the game. The set includes the Trance Vibrator as well as a soft Carrying Bag.

PS2 user enjoying REZ!Trance Vibrator suitable for "REZ" 

• Connects to your PS2™ USB port 
• Vibrates in guidance to the music 
• The one and only vibrator available for your video game console 
• Size: 115x56x32(mm) 
• No power supply required 

Obviously a 'strictly women' product I'm not exactly sure how this will take off. It's not really the sort of thing you can sit in front of the TV with and show your mates how far you can get!

Well we promised to bring you all the best PS2 games and add ons so we couldn't leave this on the shelf.

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